Solo Travel Can Lead to the Trip of a Lifetime

I was born without any sense of direction.  And I mean that quite literally.  You can tell me that in order to get from A to B, I just need to walk in a straight line, and I guarantee you I will get turned around.  Most of my life, I have always relied on friends and family showing me how to get a new place.  So I was very apprehensive about my first trip travelling on my own.

It was my last night in Italy as part of a summer abroad program.  My friend and I had this grand plan to go to Greece, spending a few days in Athens, then hitting the Greek Islands, and making our way all over Europe until we finally ended up in Ireland to start our creative writing class.  But the night before we were supposed to leave, she flaked on me.  She wanted to stay in Italy because of this boy she liked in our class.  He was going to hang out at the beach, so she wanted to stay and do the same.  I was so disappointed, and honestly I was a little scared about travelling alone.  Not scared for my safety, just nervous because I had never travelled by myself. Continue reading “Solo Travel Can Lead to the Trip of a Lifetime”