Hostels–not just for the 19-year-old backpacker

I used to have a bad connotation about hostels.  I had heard some had curfews, some had age restrictions, and images of dirty shared dormitory style bathrooms made me stick to budget hotels and B&Bs when I was travelling.  But then I was planning a trip with some friends and decided to give it a try.  It is now my preferred type of accommodation.

Hostels have come a long way.  Most are for all ages, and some are even geared towards families.  Depending on the hostel, you can choose from female only rooms, to co-ed, to private.  You can find hostels that used to be an old castle or an old jail.  Some even claim to be haunted.  Most of the hostels I have been to were very clean and modern–only one or two have we had to walk away and find another place.

The Stay Okay hostel, aka the Rotterdam Cubes
The Stay Okay hostel, aka the Rotterdam Cubes

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