The Future of Advertising

As technology is ever-changing, what does this mean for the future of advertising?  I think ads will become even more interactive, utilizing VR and holograms.  Perhaps more ads will use native advertising to look like they belong with the content.  The user will be able to interact with the ad, but won’t have to worry about being redirected to another site.  If a hologram is involved, I think people would want to interact with the native ad since it not only looks related to the content, but could be a fun experience.

I think in the future, we will have said goodbye to privacy, and for the most part, be okay with it.  We already share so much information about ourselves, often without even thinking about it.  When we sign-up for something with Facebook because it is convenient, we are sharing access to our information.  It seems like over the years, people have been sharing more and more information, but we still worry about privacy.  Maybe we think it is creepy that the internet anticipates our searches, or that items we have searched for seem to follow us around.  But in a few years, I think the searches will be even more customized.  If we purchase something on Amazon, we still see ads for it, even though we no longer need that product.  In the future, once we purchase an item, we will instead see ads that go with or enhance our item.

Smart devices will get even smarter.   Right now, there are limitations to what these devices can do.  With a smart fridge, a user can use their app to see what is in the fridge while they are away.  But maybe in the future, a user can set items to automatic purchase.  So if someone is running low on an item, the item will then be added to the user’s Instacart list.  Maybe this will be based on weight and or quantity.  The user can then pause this function if they are going out of town, or don’t need groceries that week.  Or maybe items such as Google Home will soon replace ALL smart devices, and even without a voice command, based on previous behavior, the device will anticipate all of the user’s home needs.

As VR headsets become more commonplace and more advanced, imagine the types of ads that will appear.  The sponsored content for kids and adults could become very engaging.  And just *maybe* people will be less annoyed with ads if they are enjoyable rather than just a nuisance that you have to wait for in order to use your item.



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