My first attempt at cake decorating


When I moved back to California last summer, my dad told me he wanted to take decorating classes.  I assumed he meant classes on decorating the house, since he had been talking about painting.  I was surprised when he asked if I would be interested.  He explained he wanted to take cake decorating classes at Michaels.  “Ohhhhh….” I said as I had flashbacks of me in art class at school barely being able to draw a stick figure.  Thank goodness they gave an “A” for effort!

I wasn’t too sure about cake decorating classes.  For one thing, my dad had been baking for years.  He already could make beautiful roses and had made my younger cousins cakes shaped like rocket ships and trains for their birthdays.  And even though I loved baking cookies and biscuits, I had never baked a cake.  It seemed like so much work, and I didn’t know how I would cope if my decorations weren’t just right.

But I knew my dad would do it for it me, so I agreed.  And I knew it would be a good chance to spend time together.  On our very first night, our teacher told us it was NOT going to be perfect.  That’s what scared me!  I wanted all the decorations to look a certain way. Eventually I realized that the fun in decorating was being creative.  What was the point of making something that looked mass produced?

We enjoyed that class, along with the other Wilton courses.  And fortunately, I improved a lot!  But the point was it was always fun decorating.  Since then, we have continued practising for family celebrations, or just because.  And it may not be perfect, but it’s not supposed to be.

My very first cake
My very first cake

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